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Produced in 1995, Hot Legs is a short, 30-minute independent film, one of the few gay-themed films to have come out of South Africa at the time. When they were schoolmates, Tim (David Dukas) loved Dave (Gerrie Barnard), but was ultimately betrayed and humiliated by him. Now, Tim is holding Dave captive in a motel room. Though Tim is trying to understand the motivations behind their shared teenage trauma, his ultimate plan is revenge - to humiliate, degrade and destroy Dave. But will he be able to turn his darkest fantasy into reality? For six days, in a lonely motel room, a bitter and explicit private war rages between rejection and acceptance, reaching a climactic and unexpected conclusion. Hot Legs is a controversial psychological thriller that doubles as an examination of South Africas troubled past.


  • Director: Luiz DeBarros
  • Length: 27 mins.
  • Rating: NR
  • Released: Aug 08 2023
  • Production Year: 2023
  • TLA SKU: 4639348

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