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After his family falls apart Joshua (writer/co-director/star Aaron Ellis) is to move to Canada to live with his estranged father. It is there he meets Jay (Justin Liles), a local tattoo artist who fled the violent actions of his parents back home in Alabama. Both young men, abandoned and lonely in their own way, find themselves falling for one another... until a pair of high school brats intrude on the boys' growing relationship.

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6 Reviews for Beneath The Skin

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2.00 out of 5

Review by sparker

By: sparker
This director is cutting from the same cloth of other LGBT movie director's before him in that he shoots and wounds the very people (and subject of being gay) he is told to portray and leaving me the gay viewer, with more reminders of how bad it is f... Read More

Review by Brian

By: Brian
This movie was really boring. The storyline is trying so hard to be deep but it's just contrived. The main actors obviously need further training. Towards the end the movie seems to become depressing scenes spliced together with piano music and pic... Read More

Review by Mpls Bob

By: Mpls Bob
The background piano music is interesting at first, but then gets repetitious, annoying, boring, and finally cloying.

I thought the English "brother" showed more spark than the other actors.

Review by chromoman

By: chromoman
This movie is not worth your time. It is low-budget and amateurish in the extreme, with bad writing, bad acting, and bad directing. The pacing is painfully slow, with way too many extended scenes of Halifax scenery (some of it nonetheless beautiful... Read More

Review by Marty

By: Marty
Good story. Excellent acting by the 2 principals. (Some of the supporting cast members were weak.) But if my apartment was vandalized or if I was physically attacked I'd have gone to the police. I found this acceptance of and unwillingn... Read More

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
"Beneath the Skin"
Finding Each Other
Amos Lassen
Directing team of Michael Mackinnley and Aaron Ellis give us the story of Joshua, a British Student shipped off to Canada to live with his estranged father after the death of his mother... Read More

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