This Is What Love In Action Looks Like

This Is What Love In Action Looks Like

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When Zack Stark came out to his parents, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever. Stuck inside "Love In Action" the ex-gay rehabilitation program the quiet teenager blogged about their draconian practices, sparking an impassioned, nationwide protest to rescue the teen. In This is What Love in Action Looks Like, filmmaker Morgan Jon Fox captures the stirring, inspirational true-story of how religious intolerance's quest to bully queer teens, lead to one of the first examples of social media inspiring change...and hope, for a new generation of activism.

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Review by Raymond Murray

By: Raymond Murray
In-House Review - Oct 20 2011
When 16-year-old Zach told his parents that he was gay, they panicked, believed that something was psychologically wrong with him and then sent him to Love In Action, a religious organization that promises to "cure" homosexuality. Founded in 1973, Lo... Read More

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