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In the follow up to her wildly popular erotic odyssey Sex Stories, director and well-known sex-pert Ovidie weaves together multiple stories that explore the gray zones between relationships and infidelity - as seen from a female perspective.

As his 50th birthday quickly approaches, Alban is afraid he is losing his sex appeal. He finds sexual fulfillment and solace in Sylvia, a 25 year old who believes she can make Alban leave his wife...

Adulterous Patrick believes he has the perfect hookup: Aline, a young woman afraid of falling in love who believes sex is only possible outside the realm of love...

Jean-Marc, a nymphomaniac, and his wife decide to open up their relationship to compensate for Jean-Marc's unfaithful ways...

Three couples, three different stories, three ways to overcome infidelity - all of which lead us to question our conception of the couple, love, loyalty, and - above all - sexual relationships.

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