In the Can (Trailer Trash Boys)

In the Can (Trailer Trash Boys)

Trailer Trash Boys



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Them dirty good ol' boys are back In the Can, and this time the dicks are harder, the action dirtier and the trash is more...trailer. Ah, you know what we mean. Join your favorite Trailer Trash Boys stars Uncle Drew, Cousin Devin, Tattoo Ryan and Cousin Brian along with Jordan Starr, Max Adonis, Chance Hart, Brogan, Cole Connor and Ethan Sinns as they get that dick and ass any way they can get it. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

Cousin Devin was just there minding his own business outside the restroom out by the rest stop up the desert road on the way towards the penitentiary (he says he meets a lot of friends there) and some trucker done walk past him with that "I'm gonna fuck your hole" look. And Devin really likes to get his hole fucked. So he gave that hairy stud a bit of time to get himself warmed up and ready and he headed in to get some of that dick. Seems that trucker's name is Brogan and he likes to give out a good Bro Job. He sucked Devin's cock good and hard and then got Devin out so he could bend him over and fuck that trailer trash hole. Some dirty pig sex and good old-fashioned butt fucking is all you can hope for on a hot summer day out here in the country and Devin is good at finding dick. Before long Devin blew a big load all over then floor and then turned around and got that dirty good old boy cum load right in his face. Then, Uncle Drew was showing a prospective new tenant at the park around to all our amazing amenities... we got a wading pool and pickup parking and even an outdoor gym. Cole was happy to see how great it all was but all he really wanted was Drew's big dick up his hole.

We all knew that when they added that restroom next to the trailer park, all the guys would be spending a lot more time hanging out looking for dick. This time cousin Brian was just sitting there waiting for some ass to walk past and don't you know Ethan strolls by and before long the two of them horny country boys are comparing hard dick sizes at the urinal. Yeah that's how we roll... You see a hot fucker and that fucker gonna get his ass fucked. Ethan let Brian have that hard cock right up that tight corn hole of his. Slamming that meat into Brian's little pink pucker. Weren't long before Brian couldn't hold off and blew a big load and then Ethan got that boy down on his knees and blew a big load of cum right up in his face.

Seems that uncle Jordan and cousin Max were planning on going to that tractor pull, but it got canceled on account of all that rain. No matter, Jordan had a big old hard dick and Max was just too happy to roll over and take that fucker right up his fuck hole. Jordan pounded Max's ass and rimmed his little pink pucker and then finally blew a big load of cum and we get a good view of all that load dripping out of Max's hole. Lastly, cousin Chance was looking to finally make the jump from tattoo-ee to tattoo-er. But you can't just start tattoos without knowing what you're doing (let's not forget what happened to Cousin Cletus' hole). But Ryan don't really need no help today unless you mean some help with that big dick. Chance got himself down on his knees and sucked that dick before Ryan bent him over and gave that big dick to Chance right in his fuck hole.

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