Paragon School for Girls

Paragon School for Girls

Jim Hansen Films



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Absurdist creator/director Jim Hansen (You're Killing Me) and a talented ensemble of female impersonators deliver a cartoony and hilarious, yet unsettling, coming-of-age saga. "Paragon School for Girls" has been helping gifted young ladies manifest their potential since 1889. Upon her arrival at the school, Violet (Michael J. Willett) begins a strange journey into a whole new world. Each girl learns that she has the latent ability to become something quite extra ordinary. It is a place of mysteries, secrets and dangers. And when girls begin disappearing, the students must join together and figure out how to save themselves and discover what Paragon is really all about. The story is told using unconventional methods. Shot all on green screen, the actors are placed inside dollhouses, miniature models and painted backdrops. Everything is deliciously false - from the scaled down props to the gender of the actors playing the women and girls.

Reasons to Buy

  1. Jim Hansen is an excellent comedic filmmaker - who usually adds a dark twist to his work. He's also the director behind You're Killing Me and The Chloe Diaries.
  2. This show is packed with comedic faces familiar to gay cinema fans - including Drew Droege, Jeffery Self, Jack Plotnick, Sam Pancake and frequent Joss Whedon regular Tom Lenk.
  3. Filmed mostly in front of a green screen with intentionally cartoonish visuals and campy performances, Paragon School for Girls has the feel of a PBS kids show gone weirdly (and delightfully) wrong.


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Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
"Paragon School for Girls"
Helping Gifted Young "Ladies"
Amos Lassen
Paragon School for Girls has been helping gifted young ladies manifest their potential since 1889. When Violet (Michael J. Willet) arrives there, she begins a strange... Read More

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