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Guest House Films (the production company from director Rob Williams - Role/Play, 3-Day Weekend, Long-Term Relationship, Back Soon, and Make the Yuletide Gay) presents the first in a new series of gay-themed short-film compilations that will each focus on a particular genre of film. Black Briefs, the first of the collection, features six award-winning short films with dark storylines and themes.


Directed by Hong Khaou

(13 minutes)

A young man meets a stranger for a little sadomasochistic sex - an experience that will change his life forever.


Directed by Greg Ivan Smith

(14 minutes)

As a man awaits the results of a biopsy at his secluded cabin, his dread amplifies when he suspects that he may not be alone. From the director of the award-winning short The Back Room, Remission won the "Horror Film Award" at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Winner Takes All

Directed by Camille Carida

(17 minutes)

Unapologetic manipulator Ryker engineers a fight between his two boyfriends... with Ryker himself as the ultimate prize. Featuring gay favorite Alec Mapa.


Directed by Lalo Vasquez

(20 minutes)

Stu and Chris appear to be the perfect couple, but past indiscretions are revealed on the eve of their wedding - causing unforgivable actions that both will regret.

Video Night

Directed by Jim Hansen and Jack Plotnick

(6 minutes)

What starts out as a fun night making videos goes terribly wrong when a group of friends discover something unexpected in the raw footage.


Directed by Christopher Banks

(19 minutes)

From the creators of the critically acclaimed short Teddy comes the story of an Orthodox Jewish student who unexpectedly inherits the estate of his estranged mentor and discovers a painful truth about their relationship. Communication won the "Outstanding Short Film Award" at QBliss.

Reasons to Buy

  1. Get seven acclaimed short films for one low price!
  2. This collection was currated by Rob Williams , the prolific gay movie director behind 3-Day Weekend , Role/Play and Make the Yuletide Gay .
  3. These hard-to-see films were all hits at film festivals around the globe and now they're available in your living room.

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Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
I just finished watching Guest House Film first collection of shorts which I found to be amazing-each of the films is a gem and we do not always get that in film anthologies. What I really found interesting is that the films are dark but they shed li... Read More

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