Long-Term Relationship

Long-Term Relationship

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Two gay men (Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham) must overcome sexual and political issues, as well as pressure from their single and married friends, in order to build and maintain a long-term relationship.

Reasons to Buy

  1. A beautifully written, sweet and completely charming low-budget indie romance.
  2. Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham make a truly adorable pair. You can also see them together in Love Will Tear Us Apart.
  3. Long-Term Relationship is coming to DVD in an all-new edition created and released by director Rob Williams himself!

DVD Features

Audio Commentary
Alternate Scenes


  • Director: Rob Williams
  • Producer: Rob Williams
  • Writer: Rob Williams
  • Length: 1 hrs. 37 mins.
  • Rating: NR
  • Released: Nov 06 2007
  • Production Year: 2006
  • TLA SKU: 1368517
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • UPC Code: 758149701653
  • Catalog #: DR25321709


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14 Reviews for Long-Term Relationship

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Review by Scott Cranin

By: Scott Cranin
In-House Review - Jul 19 2013
Out of all the gay men in Los Angeles (and sadly, he's tested out more than a few), Glenn (played by Matthew Montgomery) has finally found his soul mate - a cute Southern boy named Adam (Windham Beacham). Their relationship started, as so many great ... Read More

Review by MajBill3

By: MajBill3
The subject and title of the film "Long-Term Relationship" is a very enjoyable film and certainly has its share of controversy played out by the actors portraying its characters. The leading actors did an excellent job under the able direction of Rob... Read More

Review by Lacelot

By: Lacelot
Long-term Relationship is a movie you will want Matthew Montgomery this is far his best movie yet.
I was glue to my seat filled with good hummer and some sad. But it really hit on some things that truely happen in relationship today.
AL... Read More

Review by Amos Lassen

By: Amos Lassen
the review
Amos Lassen
Made by Guest House films and written, produced and directed by first timer Rob Williams, "Long-Term Relationship" is a romantic comedy which is full of laughs and gorgeous men. It also ... Read More

Review by KAC

A film that will be of long-term interest

Although Long-Term Relationship is billed as a romantic comedy, it seems to me to be better described as a light-hearted romantic drama. Some of its comedy falters, and some scenes in the movie ar... Read More

Review by gengidash

By: gengidash
This was a great movie. Given so many indie gay movies put the OFF in AWFUL, this one had great lead actors and a good storyline. Hated the best friend character; he was a jerk and he got on my nerves, but he was balanced by the femmy character, wh... Read More
4.00 out of 5

Review by Conner

By: Conner
Being a "BIG" Matthew Montgomery fan. I bought this movie, and like any other movie he has been in, it was "GREAT"!!

I loved how it ended, and I won't give the ending away. All I will say is, either rent it, or purchase the movie. You won'... Read More
4.00 out of 5

Review by Janorm

By: Janorm
This is the most definitive love story of gay life to come out. This film has all the ethos, angst, and pathos necessary for a superb story line. Truly, an enjoyable picture to see with the one you love!!
4.00 out of 5

Review by Peterp88

By: Peterp88
I purchased this title to see Matthew Montgomery again. I adored him in 'Gone, But Not Forgotten'. We get to see his beautiful body in the nude and not clouded in red light. Windham Beacham is beautiful. Too bad we see him only from the waist up. St... Read More

Review by Derek

By: Derek
I rented three movies yesterday - Father Knows, the Sex Movie, and Long Term Relationship - all gay-themed flicks. I watched them in that order. I was thoroughly disgusted with the first, mildly disappointed with the second, and pleasantly pleased k... Read More

Review by Fuzzyprogrammer

By: Fuzzyprogrammer
FINALLY a movie with an ending I like! I think it's one of the better ones out there. Don't rent--buy it and show your support for this DVD!
3.00 out of 5

Review by Luis

By: Luis
The first time I saw Matthew Montgomery in a film was 2003's Gone But Not Forgotten - which I despised both for the movie itself and his acting, so I was a little perturbed when I learned he was the lead of Long-Term Relationship. I was still left sl... Read More

Review by Craig

By: Craig
Do ugly actors cost less to hire? That was my first question while watching this film. My second was can you sue someone for being emotionally broken enough to think this is romantic or sexy in any way? The third question that plagued me was if J... Read More

Review by Big Fish

By: Big Fish
It's so nice to see a funny, smart, well directed, well acted film about two gay men. A smart story that is engaging, not to mention some good sexy parts!

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